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In a family, do not do it, doing good is relative, rather than absolute. Many things are not going to do, not only in the process of doing enough to change. Thus, between husband and wife each do one thing as much as possible not to importune and reproaches, nor can afford to be picky.

But there was a lot of couples just don’t understand the case, slightly out of my heart, will accuse the other, has long accused party will not feel like I did a bad job, but will have to fight back. Due to long-term depression and dissatisfaction with the affection between husband and wife is hot to cold it is inevitable, and repressed emotions that, if not released in a timely manner, brink of depression and dissatisfaction with each other at any time.

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Couples on the emotional and psychological level of interdependence can deepen the love between them, but relied too much on there might be other emotional and psychological baggage. Prima facie, excessive reliance is an expression of love is in fact a looting and possession against love.

Normal dependence is a State of mutual support and psychological satisfaction. Beyond this support and State, it will cast doubt on his own love, suspect they don’t love them, or thick enough for my love was deep enough. After the suspect again and again, is to keep themselves away from love time and time again.

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Living there in the wind and rain, without difficulties and setbacks in a marriage, when through every storm needs most is their sense of responsibility and solidarity, instead of blaming each other, evasion and prevarication.

Select a person, a marriage and a life all their own decisions, since it is of their own choosing, all should have the courage to face, bear, shifting and evasion of responsibility can only complain and aggravate feelings between two people apart.

Some couples marriage like a saw, how much did I pay for you, how much do you have to repay me; I treat you better, you have to be nice to me, otherwise, the saw is pulled off.

If there is not good enough, more than enough, the other side of frustration, annoyance, not happy just to be able to, and all the happiness it would easily be ignored in the past, worry and upset would not be so easy. Such sentiments once infiltrated the marriage life, easily lead to out of control and mental imbalance, emotional deviations of deviations will most likely taken out of the marriage.

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High expectations for marriage

From love to marriage, we have been using our own fantasy “cheat” himself, this “cheat” more often are unconsciously, blind, beyond time and space, can be equated with red-hot romance “warm” marriage is an illusion. Because has passion of shock, sweet of packaging, on married Hou of life on has has is high of expectations, fantasy in the better of marriage will alternative has reality of marriage, Snow Princess and Prince of story played into has marriage life in the “high standards”, and “Yen requires” of incarnation, this is we themselves to marriage artificial attached of a outside packaging, is we on marriage of high expects mentality.

When such a wonderful fantasy and man-made packaging once replaced by the marriage trivial, as the demand for marriage is not met, emotions of disappointment and despair will look like “heiyunyacheng” are usually accompanied by a feeling of deception came to us. In fact, this is not the one who cheated on you, but your high expectations for marriage fool you.

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20% of men will bed brush our teeth. Does not preventthem with a toothbrush everywhere not dressed, anyway, is his home, not afraid of you. This is the last thing to dobefore they go to bed at night, but after getting up in the morning, the first thing to do.

This man, not only practical, and full of action, is reliable, sothe object can be clean. In the emotional aspects they also have a lot of fine pursuit. They have principles, plans in the job, whether love him do not want to break his habits. Hedidn’t like you meddling in his things, will also get the jobtime and give you time to understand very clearly.

Of this man, you need to pay attention to his concerns,need to have a common topic with you. Only in this way,can more close to his heart.

Don’t look down upon the man these humble up little habits,take a heart more, pay more attention to him, you will have a lot of surprises, let your love more firmly.

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China couple used to night again, but after waking up in the morning is when the man is the most energetic. Almost all of the men in the wake up naturally erect, so, many men willhold good when I wake up in the morning with you do morning exercise.

Every morning, you don’t wake was caught him like the octopus, and then in half awaken and you together”morning exercises”. Get up there is love, the day will have a good mood.

In the early morning sex like super confident man,especially to his stature and ability. Open your eyes is”ready to prove that he” be full of go, cheerful character,because he is always in a state of “sex” conversation.Infatuation love morning man, not equal to indulge in sex,compared with the passionate sex, he is more interested inskin affinity lingering warmth, they know how to enjoy lifeand business life.

This man, need you to hold, encouragement and love, his ideas with the times, and even advance, easy to acceptfresh concept of love.

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Take a shower bathroom shampoo occupation

Can let a person relaxed hair take a shower after release,the general people will just before going to sleep at night towash themselves clean, but one kind of man is very diligent,after getting up in the morning, quickly occupied thebathroom, take a shower shampoo, seemingly have cleanliness like.

Have this habit up man, love clean, have a positive and optimistic attitude towards things. A little headstrong, a little narcissistic, a bit over the top, deal with the feelings ofaffordable to put next, easily emotional and it is easy to be tired. They like personal independence of conduct, have their own views and thinking woman, love hateentanglement and back.

In the world of desire, they are extremely susceptible, fall in love at first sight and one night love often happens to them,but is likely to be the night, he will send you running behind,I can’t remember who you are, women generally hard to hold up his heart. If this time you choose to let go, it will only let him run faster. In order to get his love, must give himspace and freedom, to do an independent and confident woman.

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In the traditional Chinese family concept, are the men and women inside out, men in their minimal participation in housework. Weekday in work busy of days, alarm clock ring has a again and a again, but men also is not willing left warm of bed, by off alarm clock continues to Lai bed, not to best moment strongly not up; in leisure of weekend, wife put breakfast prepared good Hou wake bed Shang of lazy husband, can men always Lai in bed Shang not up, regardless of wife called Shang how many again.

A lot of men will rely on the bed up habits, generally speaking, they’re hard to refuse someone, everything stalled, was typical of the man-haul character. In life, they are more casual, often showing childish side. They don’t like to live and work there’s too much pressure, attention to friendship than love.

Men of this character, in feelings, also could not refuse the opposite sex, especially around more closely related to the opposite sex, like female colleague, confidante, female boss … … Especially in these emotional setback when the opposite sex, such a man is easy to get to, hoping to comfort each other.

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Murray suggested repeatedly watched a movie called the Groundhog Day (also translated as the day of love) film. This films for more than 20 years ago, they answer the most basic questions about happiness.

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One Weatherman was sent to Pang Kexi reports Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania. He detested this task, despise the people and things, and can’t wait to return to Pittsburgh. But a Blizzard comes, leave him stranded in Pang Kexi, he wakes up every morning, it is Groundhog Day, days repeat.

To get rid of duplicate life, he had fallen, and tried to kill herself, to no avail, wakes up every day was Groundhog Day. He complained to his sweetheart, sweetheart suggested he take the opportunity to improve their own. From then on, he tried to understand his sweetheart, get to know him the town, offered to help other people, learning new things, and finally get the girl, ushering in a new day.

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If a person like ballet, and spouse don’t like, it doesn’t matter. As long as a reasonable person could have presented similar difference tolerance. But if you don’t like each other’s friends, or do not appreciate each other’s sense of humor, especially disagree with something of value, it would break.

If your partner makes you annoying personal habits, which is likely to destroy your marriage in the future. Scholars of history and culture yake·Baer-Zambia found that test three large mined areas in gender relations is whether punctuality, cleanliness and thrift. Balzan believes that whether you at which point on the spectrum, must be to your partner at the same point, “always late for volume, some couples, but also to find leftover pizza in the couch in the bottom, but very happy.”

What you see now, what do you get when you get married. If you think marriage will change her lover, it would be a mistake. Ready to accept disadvantages either, or forget them. There is no doubt that in a long marriage, your spouse will change, but not in the way you can predict or control.

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9. romantic love ultimately come to an end. Feel the kind of romantic love, for example, sense of well-being, a sense of dependence, palms get sweaty, and tend to end in a year. Couples then enters to perform “commitment” phase.

10. the people in love with obsessive-compulsive disorder similar to secrete chemicals. Studies have shown that people initially love low serotonin levels, and high levels of cortisol, which is strikingly similar in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder, which explains why we fall in love with someone will make things very different character.

11. for long term relationship, attractive faces than bodies. New research shows that, when looking for short-term relationship, even more attractive than those of the body. But for those seeking long-term relationships, just the opposite.

12. + passion + commitment = perfect intimate love. “Triangular theory of love,” believes that there are three kinds of love, consists of different parts. Romantic passion + love = close, intimate + love = commitment to partnership, silly love passion + commitment =. Of course, the most perfect love, consists of these three parts together constitute the.

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